Sin and innocence

Saturday is the “remake” stream! If you have an old artwork or chapter’s cover in mind that need remaking , make sure to show it to me on saturday 2hPM. But nothing as hard as the 2015 remake stream request:
Which in 12 months i’ve never found the time to color. If kite manage to produce 5 pages by saturday, she’ll try coloring it on the stream.

Lunareth saw shirts with “Sin” and “not guilty”, which inspired this duo. Ana’s butt is so very sinful from all that forgiving she did earlier.

Sketch of gem76 commission, which has priority to be completed it in time for the new year. It was a christmas picture at first but said commission came in too close to the 24th to be completed in time. Right now my goal is to complete this one and Farex’s for friday.


      1. And sins should be addressed, corrected and forgiven, right? Sounds like a job for Kahru. Or Chiri, if Kahru can’t be found…

        Chirinide: I’ll find him… aha! *yoink* Kahru, you’re up! (muttermutter) I’m not doing shoujo-ai stuff thankyouverymuch… X-(


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