Crappy week

Working in team can be difficult at time. I was hesitant once more to get an inker so the work could go faster, increase the pages rates and stuff. But sometime¬† having someone else do part of your work can take as much time and efforts as doing it yourself. Plus you lose money in the process. So once again, no inker for a while i think. Especially considering the heavy debts i’m accumulating this season…
Web design have been progressing very slow unfortunatly. Chapter 3 character designs is going smoothly though. going to takle chapter 3 drafts this week.¬† But still… i really dislike being stuck on the remakes. We have so many ideas of things we want to do …in much later chapters. Chapters so far away that unless things change dramaticly, we won’t be doing them even in 2008! … Frustrating. Need a full time efficient team. Won’t happen unless everybody is local i fear.

anyway, did some sketches the past few days:

Faen love Nau'kheolMagical girlsKite's nameless heroRandom arielRandom practiceSarghress men

First is Faen hugging Nau’kheol. Second is magical girls stuff, people on the forum were saying Ariel would transform into a magical girl and save herself from falling. Third is Kite’s nameless hero guy, minus an arm. Fourth is just some Arielness, at first i was trying to redraw a chapter 4 page for the fun of it but it turned so crappy that i ended up doodling. Fifth is just some practice base upon things i saw on deviantarts. last was an idea of what Koil’dorath father might look like.

I hope we may have drowtales web design online the 26th february.


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