Drunk dragon

Thrair’s commission, inspired by Vlashrod’s commission of a character through time. Though in this case it’s all about making dragons drunk.
Lunareth’s couple time. Kahru and KeyKey.


  1. The Al’tesh time progress pic came out great, Kern! I like the backgrounds you added, they really add to the tale, leading from the upright spears all ready for battle, to the nether-infested ruins at the conclusion of the fighting, to the “drink until you drop” party atmosphere (I like the chandelier). That dragon looks mighty pleased with his drink as well :D Luna’s Kahru and Keychain look so sweet together, too

  2. Yeah. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I really like, in particular, the lighting and the expression on Al’tesh’s face in that 3rd panel.

    My idea for the third panel was initially quite different, but a spur-of-the-moment suggestion from Kern led to the idea of giving booze to a dragon, and it’s turned into my favourite panel of the three (narrowly beating out panel 2).

    Fun fact: That’s a Sarghress booze keg, not Sharen. But they’re ‘allies’ now. So…. Dealwiddit, dealwiddit, #dealwiddit. :P

    1. If he can’t kill them, he can at least drink all of their beer.

      Shame Liriel isn’t still around for him to hang out with.

      Great picture. I like the clear evolution from idealist to cynic capture within it.

  3. You can say what you want about the Sarghress, but you can’t fault them for keeping their beer stockpiled.

  4. So, what crushed his leg? Sarghress golem? And he got tainted by his own side’s weaponized demons?

      1. Yeah. Perfect. Those two panels I intended to act as a sort of companion piece to one another. ‘Swhy I asked Vlash for permission.

        Having seen the result, I’m glad they said yes. :)

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