Prologue book second edition

Moonless age prologue second edition is here!

New cover, back cover, type of paper, binding and editing! Brand new commercial quality. Along with a new poster :

By purchasing this, you get:
-A 48 pages long full color manga of the prologue. With 6 pages full of concept arts that were never seen on the web site. Along with commentaries on each.
-A copy of the 9 Illharess poster shown above.
-An Ariel sticker by Bandit. Limited quantity. For the 140 first orders only. Not available for orders done through amazon.
– Optional: Signature from Kite and Kern. To get this, simply request it in your order. You may also request any simple character doodle but keep in mind it would be on the cover or back cover.
-For orders of 2 copies or more only. One of the few remaining copies of the first edition 11×17 poster : Sharen and Nidraa’chal forces.

Price: 8$/6.5€ per copy. Need more than 1? For bulk order rates, please contact
Shipping: 2.5$ for canada, 3.5$ for usa and 6.5$/5.5€ for international destinations.
Express tracked shipping available upon request for canada and usa only. But it is advised only for bulk orders. Multiple copies order up to 3 are included in the purchase form.
Shipment schedule : Weekly.
Signatures: Upon request only. If you want your copy signed, include it as a note with your order. The text field will appear when you purchase through paypal.

What are you waiting for? BUY IT!
Through a shop: You can now buy a copy of this book at one of these shops : Mangaya, Planete BD, Millenium, Studio 9, Captaine quebec, Imaginaire, Pheonix comic books, Words and pictures, Reboot, Jeux video hytec, Comic Kazi, another dimension comics, Cosmic comics, Jim’s hanley universe, Premiere issue, Cosmics, Fitchre. Click for more details on their locations.

Online through us:
Visit the updated store page to pass your order.

-I heard earlier that your first printing of the second edition was of bad quality?
Answer: Indeed. 16 boxes full of useless copies. However, what we are selling is the second printing run, top quality and will have no problem!
-Will other chapters be made available?
Answer: It depend on the sales of the prologue. Chapter 1 isn’t printable due to it format and quality. To justify remaking it for printing , we need to be able to sell the prologue at a good rate.
-I have a comic shop and i’d like to support Drowtales. Can i sell some copies in my shop?
Answer: The prints come with ISNB so yes it can be sold and distributed. Contact and tell how many copies you would like to buy. We will make you a bulk pricing.
-Will there be tracking number? How do i know when my book is sent?
Answer: No tracking number sorry. We will contact you at your paypal email address or at the email address you provided us when your copy is sent. Also a confirmation of your order will be sent within 24 hours. For bulk order, we can arrange a tracking number within the north american continent.
-Can you ship my copy with one of the plush?
Answer: No. The plushes are in the USA and the books are here with us in CANADA. To buy plush Go to the plush shop entry
-What’s the quality of the book? What is your printer?
Answer: The second edition is entirely different than the first. Proffesional printing, we used Transcontinental printing services for a thick glossy 120m paper interior page, laminated 200m cover and a high quality type of binding.
– What if i don’t have paypal?
Answer: You can pay via snail mail or interac. But we cannot garantee your copy until we receive your payment

You can pay via snail mail , by sending your your payment cash or as a money order(bank or postal) in a letter. No check please. Our address is:
Studio Drowtales
163 Alphonse Lacoursiere
Québec (QC)
G1M3W7 Canada

For canadians only. You may use interac email. It is easy to use and permit you to send bank transfer at a very little cost. Visit this site: to use it. Only RBC, Bank of montreal, scotia bank, Canada trust and CIBC are supported. To make it work, you will need to use my email address “” as recipient and then forward me the secret password


  1. =3 I am looking forward to receiving this! I love the bonuses btw =D Signed, with a Naal doodle… woot woot woot! (Neko-sama, pweez do not forget either! :p)

  2. I’ve been meaning to order the Prologue for ages, and this seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. I can’t wait for my copy!

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