Demon keychain

Remember this? The plushie didn’t make it due to cost reasons. But we’ve found a crafter to do small keychains version of it.

The cost for one would be 7$ + shipping
Interesting or not? you’re the judge. For clear interest, use the comment feature. You don’t need to type much, even just a “yes” is enough. For letting know your thought about price or a hesitant interest, you can use the voting poll. Your feedback is very important and will decide if we go through with this.
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  1. You need a completely different design for a keychain; it just doesn’t look right when it’s shiny!

  2. What are expected shipping fees to EU, and is the measurement in the last pictures in inches or centimetres?

  3. Kalandrin : Inches
    There is no shipping cost at the moment. This is out of my control. I’m poking for interest regarding design and base price right now.

  4. I think the price is decent for the detail.These remind me of the fun little cell phone charms I collected in Okinawa. Adorable!

  5. It’s cute, but not something I would spend $7 on. :x

    However, Tei’kaliath pendants are right up my alley! When are they being made? xD

  6. I am not entirely sure whether I’d order one at $5 or $7 without knowing shipping costs at the moment… But I am deeply interested in silleh Drowtales stuff XD I’ll vote when I am sure.

  7. hmm maybe instead of clay eyes/the material used for eyes, beads or glass beads might be an improvement? Or maybe painted like the kite doodle?

  8. I guess $7 would most likely do for me, as long as the total price (including shipping) is not reaching $20…

  9. Do you accept ada?

    On a side note, I think a painted kite doodle in acrylic glass might do the trick :P. I’m with bandit.

  10. I think its cute, and if I had the extra money to it would possibly make my list. I also think I would have to agree about the eyes, plain white is…off somehow.

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