Sketches: Koil’dorath, Toph fanart, Kite and Kaito

Feeling really down because of the webdesign, feel like i wasted the 6 days i had dedicated to it. It went slow and wasn’t productive. Don’t have a single page finished as i’ve hit a block with the texturing. Couldn’t force myself to work this sunday because of this.

Though i’ve made sketches.

Kaito highland raider armorKite - my kitty loveKoil'dorath pissedAvatar fanart : Toph

First is Kite request, Kaito in a highland raider armor.

Second is Kite herself, my kitty love. She actually posed for the head part.

Third is Koil’dorath, just pissed, with some fire sorcery.

Fourth is an avatar fanart of Toph. Kite made me watch the Avatar serie, and i must say it is very good.