Swimsuit Suu

Thanks to Kite for the chibi page yesterday. Now regular updates resume, hopefully till that chapter is over. I’m working on that last part now. How many pages i’ll need is hard to say, but again, it has to be wrapped up before the 22.

Today’s challenge set by Lunareth was Chiri and Keychain in swimsuits. Not likely to ever happen. But here’s the result.


  1. Whaaaat no beach episo– chapter in Drowtales ?? Beach episode is in every series, every book, every story, everything ever created !
    Haven’t you heard of GoT’s beach episode yet ?

  2. Shouldn’t Chiri’s costume have yellow polka dots? >;=)>

    ♫She was afraid to go after the Vloz’ress,
    On the beach, with their big nether gate,
    She was afraid to come after the Vloz’ress,
    But she burned them ‘fore it was too late.

    Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore:

    It was an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny
    Fire focus studded ‘kini,
    That she sicced on the Vloz’ress that day.
    It was an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny
    Fire focus studded ‘kini,
    And in that fire she wanted to stay.

    From the cave to the blanket,
    From the blanket to shore,
    From the shore to the burning,
    No, there isn’t any more!♫

    Chirinide: There’s plenty more, so avert your eyes, impure ones! Now, where did I leave my clothes…?


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