Class:Mana Specialist
Name: Jhanzyr
Age: 42
Height: 5"10
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, white with dyed blue tips, messy and unkempt
Eyes: Left eye green, Right eye brown, covered by glasses
Race: Drowolath (Chel)
Build: Thin

Main Specialty: Empathy
Weapons: Sickle

Personality: Jhanzyr is always observant of the feelings and emotions of everything he can sense, and often shares the emotion of whoever he is currently focusing on, whether he wants to or not. As such he tries to be good-natured and agreeable with others so as not to experience negative emotions as much. Normally he is quiet, tense, and soft-spoken, but is determined and loyal towards those he trusts, willing to sacrifice himself for them should the worst occur. He is also naturally curious, learning whatever he can about what he discovers. When overwhelmed by large amounts of fear, confusion, or anger, either from himself or those around him, he tends to lose control of his empathy and as such is prone to fits of erratic, disturbing behavior and speech.

Background: A former Sullisin'rune, Jhanzyr was being trained at a young age to refine and control his empathy as soon as it was discovered. He showed great talent during his training, especially with healing and maintaining the numerous feelings around him, and was on his way to being one of the rising prominent empaths of the new generation. However, at the age of 37, there was an accident which inflicted a severe blunt trauma to Jhanzyr's head. He spent weeks in a coma, but the worst was yet to come. Once he awoke, He found that his ability to filter the thoughts of others had been crippled, years of mental discipline now not only sabotaged, but threatening to his sanity. Suddenly denied of his former gift, Jhanzyr could no longer maintain his composure around his comrades and became unstable, becoming a danger to those around him. Recognizing his problem, the drow left his home and spent many years in isolation on the outskirts of the Sulissin'rune fortress, re-training himself as best he could. Now a shadow of his former self, he has left his original clan and joined the relic hunters of Nal'Sarkoth to not only reintegrate himself into Drow society, but to appease his love of knowledge and discovery.