Class:Mana Specialist
Kara’bryn Tonash Sarghress

Race: Drowolath
Hair: Blond (dyed) shoulder-length
Eyes: Blue (she has two, she's just winking in the picture)
Height: 6’4”
Build: Muscular
Age: 52

Mana specialty: Earth (primary) offensive mana arts (secondary)
Weapon: Short sword

Born to a warrior family in the Sarghress army, Kara learned from an early age that she has a knack for dropping rocks on people. This eventually developed into a fondness for exploring and getting herself into trouble, which naturally lead her to join the Highland Raiders. The one time she couldn't get out of something she got herself into she was rescued by a halfblood empath named Cal, and they've been inseparable ever since.

A large and boisterous woman, it’s been said that her laugh can collapse caves behind her and that she can drink enough beer to kill a Sharen dragon, though that may be something she came up with herself.

Don't be fooled by her attitude, since she has a serious side and knows how to get the job done when the heat's on. She will also never, ever let someone else be hurt by her mistake ever since she almost got her sister killed in a cave-in, only managing to save her through her then-unknown earth affinity. While she knows she may come off as a bit dense (and it did take her six months to find out that Su'dion was also a chick when they took a bath at the end of a mission), her sense of personal responsibility is nothing to laugh at.