Class:Mana Specialist
RACE: Drowlath (Tei’Kaliath skin tone)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Average Height
BUILD: Athletic build
EYE COLOR: Right eye: blue, left eye: green
Age: 36
HAIR: Long black hair reaches past her shoulderblades and tied in an low ponytail, with two blue hair locks (one on each side)
DETAILS: Three scars on left cheek, one above right eye, burnt on right shoulder and hands


PERSONALITY NOTES: Initially distrustful loyal afterwards, Mischievous and a little bloodthirsty

She’s the younger sister of Bading.

Bading and Shynder are biological siblings and have thus been in a state of perpetual war of annoyances, ribbing and the occasional brawl. Despite this they deeply care for each other and will close ranks as soon as one or both are threatened.

Both of them received their scar collection when on a hunting trip they were attacked by a particularly large and vicious Kiri’su. Both of them survived and have the same story about how one of them bravely killed it while the other was getting munched on, with the roles reversed depending on who is telling the story. After the incident Shynder started to wear gloves to cover her burned hands.

Shynder has a very mischievous personality and loves a good battle to still her bloodthirst.
Her talent for earth magic was discovered at a very young age, as a result her entire childhood was about practicing her magic and she was being teased alot by her other peers.
As a result she became distrustful towards strangers but once you earned her trust she’s very loyal and always ready to help. When not practicing her magic she would spent all her free time with her brother practicing fighting with him or going on hunting trips.
Later in age she discovered that using her magic to annoy others was very fun to do. As a result she was kicked out and then spent her time exploring till her brother invited her to join his squad.

Shynder has quite the creative idea’s on how to use her magic, and when not in dire situation will always treat Bading with a “Brother first, leader second” much to his dismay
But when in battle Shynder is ready to follow any order given to her and if necessary will push past her limits to protect those whom she cares about. But will also always voice her opinion if she disagees with a situation.