Clan:Sky Pirates
Class:Weapon Specialist
Race: Drowolath (from Nuqrah'shareh)
Gender: Female
Height: Tall (6'5")
Build: Athletic, B-cup breasts
Eye color: Light blue
Hair: Bald (white eyebrows)
Details: Some age lines around eyes and mouth.
Bite marks from a shark on lower left leg.

Weapon specialty: Dao sword. Secondary weapon: Halligan tool.
Mana specialty: Basic mana manipulation.

Background: Sinaba is very practical, informal and laid back.
She's not jaded, but does not panic easily, instead preferring to focus her energy on finding a solution to problems.

Born in Nuqrah'shareh Sinaba worked in the Illhar'dro trade caravans growing up. While still little more than a teenager she said 'screw it' to caravan work and struck out on her own to explore the surface.
Wandering westward she came to the coast and fell in love with the sea. She spent almost a century after that either in the coastal cities and towns, on the Nuwa isles or at sea on ships and boats, both as a legitimate sea captain and a pirate.

She's learned to get along without barely using any mana in most situations, but she still shows some effects of more rapid aging/mana deprivation, looking older than a drow who had resided in a mana pool would at the same age.

She ended up with the Sarghress after her ship raided a merchant vessel that happened to carry half a platoon of Highland Raiders. Their commander Kiira'liss defeated Sinaba but let her live in exchange for working for the Raiders and teaching them how to sail "properly" (Sinaba's ship was much faster than the merchant vessel, and Kiira'liss wanted that speed available for the Raiders).
However, first she has to serve at least two to three years with a Highland Raider squad to earn some trust, and money to repair her ship.