Class:Mana Specialist
Race: Ver'drowendar
Gender: Female
Height: Short, like really short
Build: Slender
Eye color: Swirling Red
Hair: Orange, long on the front while shorter behind, at the exception of two long tail at the back.

Details: Extremely rarely seen without her mask and prefer to wear her armored gauntlets. Carry a firepot on her back to fuel her sorcery.

Weapon speciality: Firebombs
Mana speciality: Fire Sorcery

Personnality notes: Obedient, Crazy, Erratic, Childish, Morbid

Pretty lazy and seem to dislike everything she does, with a little sarcastic and passive-aggressive toned in the mix. She actually enjoy working for people, as she doesn't like to take the initiative more than absolutely necessary. She really don't stand chocolate through, as she'll quickly turn to the obsessive, openly sadistic and hyperactive side of her personality.

She's quite the fan of black humor and irony, but the best reaction you can expect from her is something along the line of : Eheh. Just don't give her chocolate, because otherwise you can expect maniacal laughter for a while. She's also quite the stalker on her spare time. In any case, she ABSOLUTELY love to make stuff go boom in the most remarkable way possible, if there's people screaming in terror and fire everywhere, even better.

Full Chibi by Kern for reference