Class:Weapon Specialist


Race: Drowlath (Rare untainted agent)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Dark purple, long in the front, shorter in the back and keeps it in a bun. Usually wears covering though.

Height: VERY tall for a male. Towers over just about everyone. Perfect height to use as step ladder, be a moving target, or just to ride on his shoulders above the common folk

Build: Muscular build and a pretty boy. He knows he's a pretty boy. He doesn't mind being the man candy for the squad or be a distraction.

Weapon specialization: He uses swords but also has martial training and knows that sometimes you just really got to punch it hard and that fixes problems.

Personality: He's incredibly laid-back and never gets upset about things or feels like a situation is awkward. He keeps things light, has a good sense of humor, and is incredibly sarcastic. He will never pass the chance to say something sarcastic.

He sometimes plays dumb, especially around the enemy. Easy as he is a black sun and most think he is "the dumb black sun mercenary savage". The fact is he is very cunning and intelligent, observant of the situation and often can come up with a pretty solid plan on the fly. He knows how to work with what he's got and he knows how to give it that special dramatic flair. Nothing is worth doing unless you are going to have fun blowing the entire thing to shit and watching your enemy stare in shock.

Off duty he'd rather lay back and relax, take a nap and just be lazy in the lap of luxury. Or gambling. He tends to be very good at gambling and taking in everyone's money. Don't gamble with Fara unless you want to lose your money, your clothes, and your dignity probably.

He doesn't flirt unless someone does it first or if he feels comfortable/close to the person. Sometimes he likes to be a tease though. Just watch this one. He's hard to tie down to a relationship but easy to make friends with.

NO shame though. You can't shame him. He will wear a dress with pride knowing he looks good.

He gets snuggly when drunk. Snuggly and turns into a giant teddy bear that will compliment you and tell you how he thinks you are pretty. Male or female. It matters not. Someone gets snuggled when he's smashed.