Class:Mana Specialist
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Name: Et'sheera Sullisin'rune
Race: Drowloath
Age: 41
Gender: Female
Height: average (210cm circa)
Build: athletic with hourglass type figure
Hair: curly light blue with white ends
Eyes: one copper other golden
Weapon: war scythe
Specialization: Blood sorcery
Details: she have a lot of freckles that are lighter than her skin color, blue bottom lip with strip down her chin and blue underlines under her eyes
Personality : Flirty to the point she might be annoying, overfascinated with anything anatomy related, trying to seduce almost everything that moves and is not currently trying to kill her. Do not take it wrong, she just love attention. She can be serious when needed, but prefer not to.
Personal motto: If we're gonna die, beter to do so smiling. You dont want to be a frowning corpse