Class:Weapon Specialist
RACE: Drowolath

GENDER: Female

AGE: 65


BUILD: Muscular

APPEARANCE: Niku is fairly tall and very muscular which can make her intimidating to those who do not know her. She has a scar starting on the bottom of the right side of her face that ends below her right eye. Has a scar on her right shoulder, where her arm was almost cut off. She has a third scar going across her neck, which is generally covered by her orange scarf. Most of her hair is combed back and secured into a long braid that goes to her mid-back. When her hair is not in its braid, it is slightly curly. A small strand of hair hangs over her forehead. Her eyes are bright yellow and the expression on her face is generally serious or neutral.


PERSONALITY NOTES: Niku loves to talk and be around others, especially when alcohol is involved. Internally mischievous and somewhat reckless, occasionally getting herself and Pepper into trouble. She loves a good fight, especially since it gives her the chance to show off her strength. Despite her quirks, she is fairly kind to others she respects and cares deeply for her friends, especially Pepper. Prefers to go by Niku rather than her full name.