Class:Mana Specialist
Portrait -

Name: Tash'rra Mae'yukir Sarghress
Race: Drowloath /Mixblood? as she is of Dutan'vir descend/ RGB (182/179/174)
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Height: tall, 220cm
Build: Tall with athletic build, slightly to muscular side
Hair: ashen teal RGB (51/74/76)
Eyes: silver
Weapon: Spear, with blunt end from bones, blade is metal ofc
Specialization: Bone sorcery
Details: she have a side and undercut rest of her hair is in seven braids each ended with rather bigger bone bead with Dutanvir antlers symbol,
Personality : Always with a grin, easygoing and eager for adventure, she is passionate collector of booze, goes a bit sarcastic if situation goes too tense