Name:Fjor Vel'Sharen
Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Mana Specialist
Race: Ver'drowendar (Chel)
Gender: Male
Height: Average
Build: Muscular
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Short, unruly, and white
Detail: Small scar on the right side of his jaw and a notch cut out
midway up his left ear.

Weapon: Sword (1H)
Mana Specialty: Sorcery (Blood)

Personal Notes:
- Has a grim serious expression most of the time that gives way to a
smile at rare times of levity.
- As a combat medic he tends to and defends the wounded.
- Will never willingly leave a squad mate behind.

Having served as a combat medic during part of the district war he had
found himself weighed down by pressure of the death and despair
around him. He came upon the relic hunter assignment as a way to
escape the growing darkness within Chel'el'Sussoloth and lift his
spirits once more, while still contributing to his clan. His accumulation
of small scars over his body serve to remind him how fleeting life can
be and to spend it being as fulfilling as possible.