Class:Mana Specialist
RACE: Drowussu
HEIGHT: Average
BUILD:Broad almost squat for his height( the joke is he’s a tall Duergar)
HAIR: Short and navy blue
DETAILS: He wears glasses, despite not needing them.

WEAPON: Sword(Scalpel :P)

PERSONALITY NOTES: Always having a good day, friendly and open to others. However finds it hard to trust and even harder to form bonds with others. A born survivor he is willing to do anything to stay alive and having no morals helps, although he would do anything for some one he trusts.

Background: His first memories are of waking up in the water by the slums, with no memory of who he was. To survive living in the gutter you have to be skilled or lucky and fortunately Specs is a little of both. His blood magic affinity has saved his life more times then he'd like to admit. He may not be able to do anything fancy with blood magic, like growing claws or wings, but when it comes to repairing flesh, reinforcing bone or growing teeth(which he has done a lot)he is an expert. Mostly thanks to all the practice he has had.

His affinity for Blood magic allowed him to get work from the Nal'Sarkoth clan. He soon found himself in one of their relic hunting squads, the Moon-touched Seekers. However this would not last as when the clans clash in open war, members of his squad vanished. With most of his group missing without a trace, he's had to find an new employment. Fortunately mercenary work is easy to find all you have to do is ask a Wolf.

Over time his new squad the Valkaryes become as close to family as he has ever had. This however leads to him fearing that they will disappear just like the Moon-touched did. His time with them has taught him to fear one other thing. You see between his natural constitution and a trick or two of his blood magic he is all, but immune to the affects of alcohol. As such he had no fear of the squad after mission partying, at least he did until Valka introduced him to the most evil of all substances... chocolate. He found that after just one of these demonic treats his inhibitions were all, but removed and he would crave more of the deadly item. After consuming enough chocolate Specs would follow any suggestion, mercifully his attention span is also greatly decreased so complex or long suggestions are soon forgotten. However the true horror comes after the affects wear off, for despite initially being confused soon all the memories of what he did come back to him and no amount of hitting his head against a wall has be able to remove the mental scarring.