Class:Weapon Specialist
-Name: Sakrag
-Race: drowolath
-Gender: male
-Height: average
-Build: athletic
-Eye color: golden
-Hair color: Half-shaved up, white & red
-Details: piercings, earplugs

-Job: Fallen legion
-Weapon: daggers
-Mana speciality: basic training

As a member of the Fallen Legion, Sakrag is a rather uncanny person, who is good at hiding his real intentions and thoughts - behind his dorky, silly grins and flirty plays he carries dark secrets.
Sakrag is very good at assassinating missions, and at swift hand-to-hand combats, but tries avoid facing with armored enemies or ranged mana users.
He joined Rayata's Sky Pirate crew for the adventure, and for keeping the girl out of trouble as much it's possible...he often gets his ass kicked because of Raya xD
Off duty he likes to gamble at taverns.

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