Name:Lolth Hyluan
Class:Mana Specialist
NAME: Lolth Hyluan
RACE: drowussu
GENDER: Female
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 1.68m/5'6"
BUILD: Slender
Hair color: long platinum-gold hair usually keep in a ponytail
Skin color: gray


Lolth is often seen as an arrogant, cold-hearted B!7(# . she doesn't mind it, as long as they don't interrupt her study of the mana arts. she always found the mana arts interesting and often preforms experiments with it. Lolth is very skilled in mana arts, able to cast high arts faster then most drow would deem possible, she strong enough to freeze an entire legion of soldiers solid. she hates hand to hand combat as she sees it beneath her, she finds it more entertaining to challenge other tacticians and strategist to a game of wits, and she will use any means necessary to win. she only respects and obeys Valka. Lolth has a sharp mind and a sharper tongue, she will always speaks her mind. whether anyone want to hear it or not is another question. After a fight with Jak'Sura, she decided to give him a chance. After awhile she began to like him but she'd never admit it to him. She suspectsaid Valka knows of her crush on him. Thanks to her new friends she starting to loss that cold hearted personality of hers but she'll forever be arrogant.

BACKGROUND (flavor):
Lolth was born to a decent family nether rice nor poor, her mother was an entertainer and her father a prison guard. she had one older brother and he wished to be like his father. her father died during a prison riot. Lolth had a very high affinity for ice Sorcery at a very young age. she began to learn how to control and manipulate mana well before any one else. one day the high ranking members of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn decided that her unnatural talent may come form a demons influence and sent a team of Templars to investigate. when they arrived at her house, Lolth was practicing her mana control. she then lost control of her mana and it surged out ward, the Templars toke it as an act of aggression and attacked her. her mother and brother were barely able to buy her enough time to run away, an act that cost them their lives. on the run with the Templars closing in on her, she runs into Valka's mother who senses Lolth's high mana affinity decides to trick the Templars into losing track of Lolth. she then brings Lolth to her clan, where Lolth then spent the next sevral years training so she can take revenge on the Templars who killed her family. She then met Valka the only one that knows the truth about Lolths past. One day Valka convinces Lolth to join the Valkaryes, a new and young hunters squad. At first Lolth and Jak'Sura would get into to fights over what to do and how to do. But after a vicious argument with Jak'Sura in where Lolth said something she shouldn't have. Jak'Sura struck Lolth drawing blood, then he said "Your not the only one that's had a rough upbringing. So stop wallowing in self-pity and look to the future, for you can't change the past but you can change the future." Jak'Sura then left the room to prevent things from escalating to something they'd both regret. Lolth after returning to her room she trashed it. then she heard someone knocking at her door, to her surprise it was Jak'Sura and some alcohol with him but he wasn't drunk. He just wanted to split some beer and talk. Lolth was still angry at hime, but she was curious to what he had to say so she let him in. That's when Jak'Sura told Lolth about his past, he then told her about how he knew about her past. After that night Lolth decided to give him a chance to prove that he's a good leader, and see if he's more then a cake loving sword freak. She was right it turns out that he is more then meets the eye.