Class:Mana Specialist
Race: Ver’Drowendar
Gender: Female
Height: Tall
Build: very well commensurated, fine and svelte
Hair: Dark hair, long and smooth, going free on her shoulders.

Nehleanee is a tall drow. Her hair’s color is black. The hair are smooth and long, going down all her backside. Her face look confident, always smiling. The features are sharp and enjoyable.

Eyes: swirling red

Mana Specialty : Summoner (Traditionnal and Nether)

Personality : She’s arrogant like all good Val. She share Snadhya’rune’s view of tainted domination and the end of the old clans system and working for her in secret. She has high talent for the diplomatic’s way, able to see things on a larger scale than the others. On the inside she's kind of gamer, love seduction and all refined sweets.

concept :