Name:Araa’toskr Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro
Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Mana Specialist
RACE: Dokkalfar – as being colony born Illhar’dro.
BUILD: Muscular.
EYE COLOR: Blue and green.
HAIR: Hair in one ponytail bound up as Sandaur’s hair, but a striped band in his favorite colors (orange and maroon). Link of cameo for chapter 44:
DETAILS: Always carry with him bags of roasted chestnuts, which he chews on when he can (from his family’s orchards). Often shows a smirk of superiority.

WEAPON SPECIALTY: Onehanded sword.
MANA SPECIALTY: Empathy (Sullisin father).

PERSONALITY NOTES: Alpha male and bi. Flirtatious and open-minded. Coming from a family of warriors going back to the Moons Age, therefore pride and duty is imprinted in him. Defended Nega' in the civil war and helped to clean up afterward before he was sent to Felde to spy on Snads grand party. Born on the surface at Saosh he prefers the open sky, the wild nature and big game hunting. He feels the pressure of the rocks in the underworld.

Educated at Orthorbbae by Sandaur and Kel'noz which he hold in great respect. Big on equal rights issues and is against oppressive people. Now enjoing the more free life of the relic hunters. He wanted away from the daily repetitive routine as a city guard in Nuqrah'shareh. He wants to meet new challenges so he can develop and move forward, thus becoming a better soldier.