Owner:Bas'ileus Ioan'nis
Class:Weapon Specialist
Teena'los Char'wah Sarghress
Race: Drowolath (Chel)
Gender: female
Height: average
Build: buxom
Eyes: amber
Hair: white short high and tight
Details: glasses
Weapon specialty: crossbow
Mana specialty: Basic Mana Manipulation
Age: 50

Personality notes: Teena'los is observant, quiet, and studious. She is accustomed to a relatively pampered life ("You're eating a WHAAAT?"). Being introverted, she enjoys solitude, but is loyal to her team and self-disciplined. She doesn't mind walking point, but she is most effective on overwatch with her crossbow. She dislikes arguments, but finds civilized discussions enjoyable (albeit tiring). Although well endowed with ample curves, she tends to cover it up with her armor or baggy clothing as she really doesn't appreciate the wrong kind of attention from males. She would rather be judged on her usefulness to the team with her crossbow.

Background: The only child to an army officer (mother, now deceased) and an artist (father), Teena'los had grown up free from want. Despite having plenty of toys and books, she had always been enamored with her mother's crossbow. It felt good in her hands, the weight, the action, the *clack* of release. Her mother had taken her hunting many times before she was called off to war, and did not return. The family's finances became strained, and her father slowly went insane. She took care of him for several years, until she came of age and joined the army to make ends meet. The income helped, but her father slipped into a routine of painting and yelling at people that didn't exist. Eventually the opportunity to make her fortune as a relic hunter came up, and she took it, hoping that the extra ada would help comfort him a little. This drives her to be as useful to her squad as possible, honing her skills with her beloved crossbow and keeping an eye out for her squad mates.