Owner:Bas'ileus Ioan'nis
Class:Weapon Specialist
Akumu'keshi Dutan'vir
Race: Mixed Blood Drowussu
Gender: female
Height: tall for a female Ssu, shorter than a female Lath
Build: hopelessly average
Eyes: gold
Hair: silver, long and straight
Weapon specialty - primary: long crossbow (with far-seeing tool); secondary: basket hilt cutlass (scabbard hangs across butt)
Mana specialty: Basic Mana Manipulation (Air Affinity where permitted)
Age: 50

PERSONALITY/NOTES: Akumu is a daughter of a prominent non-Val warrior mother and an instructor father. She was in her teens, attending Orthorbbae, when her mother was falsely implicated in the Nidraa'chal purges and hauled off in chains by Nir'naya and her guards. Sequestered in the school, Akumu was not able to be present when her mother was tried and executed. When the Nidraa'chal War began, she was allowed to go back to the clanhold, where she found her clan decimated, Ill'haress Sannindi'ligr and most of the warriors dead. Slavers had carried off many, and when she found her family home, she found it ransacked and her father gone. Finding a neighbor who survived, she was told to seek out the Sarghress for succor.

Tracing Lulianne's path, she managed to make it to the Sarghress clanhold unscathed, and was taken in by House Mae'yukir. For thirty years, she served De'vess Itan'sha as a sniper with a crossbow. After defeating a Siyah'khorshed who was armed with a particularly nice cutlass, she took it as her own and became proficient with the unusual sword. When Minka and Sker'ligr sought volunteers to help retake the Dutan'vir clanhold, she and several others answered the call, where they were besieged by the Kyorls and Sker'ligr was killed. She misses Sker, whom she looked up to like an older brother she never had.

Her hobbies include writing in her journal, which she carries with her in her chest plate. Rumor has it that she scribbles salacious ships in this little book, but that is unconfirmed. In one case, the book made for a handy missile weapon of distraction to Sat'sicia's face, making a provocative sound upon impact. It is also noteworthy that she used her air affinity twice, once to glide down a flight of stairs, and again to fly up a flight of blocked stairs to cut off Sat'sicia's escape.

Because of her tragic past, she tends to have an apathetic attitude bordering on sociopathy, cocking an eyebrow up and letting slip some snide remarks. But she cares about the future of her clan, therefore she and several of her clanmates have gone to Machike to represent their clan at the colony. There, she came across the Howling Stags relic hunter squad, and has been with them ever since.