Class:Weapon Specialist
RACE: Drowlath (Tei’Kaliath skin tone)
GENDER: male
HEIGHT: tall
BUILD: toned muscle
Age: 37
HAIR: Mohawk, regular white
DETAILS: Many horizontal scars on left side of face.

WEAPON SPECIALTY: battleaxe and shield
MANA SPECIALTY: Basic mana manipulation

PERSONALITY NOTES: Friendly, pragmatic and battle-loving.

Is elder brother of Shynder

Loyal, bloodthirsty and otherwise quite friendly. Like a good, big wardog.

Bading and Shynder are biological siblings and have thus been in a state of perpetual war of annoyances, ribbing and the occasional brawl. Despite this they deeply care for each other and will close ranks as soon as one or both are threatened.

Both of them received their scar collection when on a hunting trip they were attacked by a particularly large and vicious Kiri’su. Both of them survived and have the same story about how one of them bravely killed it while the other was getting munched on, with the roles reversed depending on who is telling the story.

Bading joined the Nal’sarkoth explorers sometime after the Tei’Kaliath clan managed to get back on its feet. Both to assist the clan and a degree of wanderlust as a result of the exodus. In the explorers he discovered that hitting thing with a piece of metal is really, really fun. As long as you can prevent them from hitting back too often.