Class:Weapon Specialist
Race: Drowolath Ver'drowendar (Tainted, Tel'kialith skin-tone)
Gender: Female
Age: 49
Height: Tall
Build: Very Muscular, Curvy, toned, Busty
Eye Colour: Red
Hair: Dyed Crimson to match her eyes, long ass length, usually tied back, often braided.
Details: Wears a Helmut, long hair hidden in helm and under cloak. She fights using a balanced defensive and offensive style.

Weapon Speciality: 2 Hand Sword (Sabre with hand guard) Weapon notes: Its a 2 handed sabre with guards for hands to help parry and defend in close quarters. Similar to this but much more basic. ))

Mana Speciality: Basic Mana manipulation

Personality Notes:

Summary: Fierce, protective, determined, tactical mindset.

Details: Ardultanaynda is a powerful woman, and she is a fierce opponent in battle. She is very protective of her charges and allies, standing on the front lines to defend them. Her determination, sharp mind and her tactical fighting style along with her strength adds up to a very daunting woman who usually won't let anything stand in her way. She is not one for drawn out conversations, preferring action, but she is patient almost eternally so especially when it leads to what she wants.

Favorited Activities: Training, exploration, tactics, strength training. To relax generally likes to drink or meditate.

Favorited Foods: Lean meat, exotic fruits, rare delicacies.

Extra Info:

Name Pronounced: Ardultanaynda (Air-Duel-tani-ada)

History: Ardultanaynda is Anri'sha's older sister, and while Anri focused on her looks and beauty whilst growing up, Ardultanaynda was not one to sit Idly by. From a young age she trained her body and mind, working on her strength and physical prowess, while her sister was off having fun, she was practising her swordplay, while Anri partied away, she trained her shield work. She worked hard in her youth, and slowly grew into a powerfully built and muscular woman.

Like the other ladies of her large household, Ardultanaynda is tall and busty, though her muscular offset her bust somewhat. She trained for years before leaving home to join a mercenary band where she trained further, she played out most of her years with her first company. Mostly just one of the new recruits, worked to the bone and paid a pittance, though she did manage to have a few battles on the front lines, she found the formation work annoying. She liked to fight in smaller parties, able to use all her skill and not the constructed drills.

At age 48 she was ready to try another lease on life, she left the mercenary group at the first term of leave, she left with little pay and the skills she had learnt but in her short time she had learnt much and found much was left to be learned. She heard her sister had joined up with the Relic Hunters, having left home. She researched the hunters and their deeds and a smile slipped over her lips. She set off in her sisters footsteps to find her wayward sister and to practice her art even more.

She signed up with the Nal'Sarkoth a few months after heading out from her home, using her former, somewhat, basic military training, but she had good talent and with training might even be able to home her skills. There she trained for the following months, learning to better fight alone and as a small team, having to rely on others as much as her own skill. Finally she had heard she would be allowed to join one of the squads out on the field, but with that news came the blow of her sisters demise. Her sisters fall at the raid, the unlucky moment which took her life and allowed the demon that infested her to take control. She was determined to redeem her sisters name, stepping up to take her place and regain the lost offer from such a death, her heart and mind steeled with determination, she readied herself for the path ahead.