Name:Zuhur Vel'Sharen
Owner:Isaiah Cortez
Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Weapon Specialist
Race: Ver'drowendar (Sharen)
Gender: Male
Height: Tall
Build: Slender
Eyes: Red

Hair: Cut to neck length and combed behind his head. Has a messy outlook

Details: Has a scar on his neck going sideways.
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Weapon Specialty: Crossbow
Mana Specialty: Basic mana manipulation

Personality notes:
-Usually has a sad expression on his face because he worries the future too much. Mostly what will happen to his friends and Sharen overall.
-Respects his superiors but sometimes has bad habit to question orders and give suggestions at point.

-Worked at Sharen home guard at the start of district wars before getting wounded to the neck by Sarghress grunt who got a surprise on him. Got saved by fellow squad mate who then managed to get him to join the newly founded relic hunting operation's to be relatively safer from the harms way. Got promoted as Squadleader after the old leader got ill and had to step down. Is a mental hostage of Sullisin'rune female.