Name:Rilenya Vel’Sharen
Owner:Guilty Carrion
Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Weapon Specialist
RACE: Ver'drowendar (Chelian)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Average
BUILD: Muscular
HAIR: Dark green hair, pulled back tight and into two braids that fall down in front of her shoulders, just past her collarbone.
DETAIL: Rilenya's hair is perpetually neat, and the ends of her braids are tied by small black beads.

MANA SPECIALTY: Basic Mana Manipulation

PERSONALITY NOTES: Rilenya is a calm, almost motherly woman, and is surprisingly devoted to her sister, Venlyn. She’s rarely without a peaceful smile, even when crushing enemies under her tread, an almost disturbing serenity. Obedient to a fault, she trusts Venlyn implicitly, and carries out her instructions without hesitation. Rilenya is protective of her allies, doting on them and much preferring to be at the center of a fight absorbing damage than let her ‘fragile’ comrades take damage. Proud of her physical prowess, the protector has severe disgust for enemies that refuse to face her ‘properly’, somehow blind to similar tactics of her own allies.