Class:Mana Specialist
Race: Dokkalfar
Hair: long & spiky, purple with red dyed tips
Eyes: blue
Age: 40
Height: tall
Build: muscular
Mana Specialty: Air
Secondary Mana Specialty: basic mana manipulation
Backup weapon: Spear

Born in the colonies to Chelian Drowolath parents, Go'dan Noa'muth Sarghress is among the first dark elf children born to the highland raiders. Adventurous & curious by nature, Go'dan has always wanted to go into the family business of exploration & relic hunting, following in the footsteps of his parents & elder siblings, Izz'ril & Mira'lyn. Growing up topside, he's just as curious about the ruins of the underworld as he is in the lost secrets of the surface world, especially anything pertaining to the ancient dokkalfar, a personal hobby of his. He takes mischievous delight in the reactions of first timers to the surface, amused by how drow are so intimidated by things he takes for granted like the sun & moons in the sky, though at times envies their night vision.

He's aware of how much he stands out amongst the drow, being both an elf & powerfully built for a male, but maintains a friendly & upbeat attitude as best he can, eager to make friends & learn as much as he can from his fellow Sarghress, & in turn teach them what he knows in return. He's often described by others as the over-sized kid brother they never had, a source of annoyance to him but endears him to his squadmates (he shares Aurrem's admiration for Val Ariel, & even wears a medallion with her face on it, limited edition! lol). He's proud to be serving in the Fen Wolves like his siblings have before him, and is eager to prove his worth and be of use to his companions as they hunt treasure, slay dragons, & explore the three worlds. Anyone or anything that threatens his "pack" will be blown away by his air sorcery or cut to ribbons by his spear! Fen Wolves Forever!