Owner:Mau Acheron
Class:Mana Specialist
RACE: Drowolath (Chel)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: average
BUILD: athletic
EYE COLOR: lightsky blue
HAIR: long white hair with read braids
DETAILS: She has one beauty spot on her mouth's left side, and three beauty spot on her left ear. She always wear an eye-patch, because her right eye is blind.

WEAPON: 1H sword
WEAPON SPECIALTY: Basic training

MANA SPECIALTY: Sorcery (Blood)

PERSONALITY NOTES: She is a pirate who never saw the sea, that's reason why join to the Higland Raiders. Her dream, that she can see the sea one day and she can be a real pirate (but that's a secret she act like she's a real pirate with real experiences). Rayata always have a pirate story or a sea legend, know every treasure's stories and she always love to speak about them (well she can make everybody crazy because that). Her secret addiction the treasure map collecting, she does everything for one map, doesn't matter it's real or not and try to find any chance to go treasure hunting. Rayata goes to any trouble and crazy idea if you said for her „ Com' on, it's a pirate-thing”.
Sometimes she is childish, hot-headed, but always loyal for her clan and team.