Name:Ji'dai Jie'yen
Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Weapon Specialist
RACE: Drowolath (Nuqrah'shareh)
AGE: 65
Height: Average
BUILD: Atheletic
HAIR: Bald, Jie'yens shave their hair as a sign that they don't seek honor or glory for themselves.
DETAILS: Paint tattoo on his face in the form of a vertical oval that covers his forehead

WEAPON SPECIALTY: Glaive(guan dao), Jie'yen style Martial Art
MANA SPECIALTY: Basic Mana Manipulation

PERSONALITY: Reserved, levelheaded, mild mannered and loyal. Prefers to resolve conflict with peaceful diplomacy if possible, but will resort to forceful means if diplomacy does not pan out. He's curious and fascinated about the world and the many cultures outside his clan, particularly music and musical instruments. But because of his upbringing, he set aside his emotions and fascinations in place of loyalty and obedience towards his clan. He rarely leaves the Jie'yen compound much less interact with anyone outside his clan until the formation of the Sharen Alliance, leading him to have minimal people skills (and probably wouldn't understand jokes/sarcasm) and speaks with a monotone voice. But under the encouragement of his clan's matriarch and father, he's trying to be more sociable with others in order to improve relations with the other clans in the Sharen alliance and to make friends and grow as a person. And now he's given the opportunity to see the outside world, he can finally indulge his passion for music. Maybe even attend something called a concert, and if he's really lucky, he might even get the chance to watch a performance of a certain Ill'hardro pop idol his compatriots talks about.

BACKGROUND: The son of a Jie'yen mother and Ill'hardro father, the resulting offspring of an arrange marriage between the two clans. Like many of his Jie'yen brethren, he spent his life honing his mind, body and spirit through meditation and martial arts. Due to the recent string of incidents plaguing Nuqrah'shareh, the Jie'yen has answered Ill'haress Nega'fanea call to action. Ji'dai was among the many chosen to serve as the clan's representative to the newly created Sharen Alliance. He was assign to the Relic Hunting Division.