Clan:Sharen Alliance
Class:Mana Specialist
NAME: Mersedeh Val'Illhar'dro
RACE: Dark Elf (Colony-born)
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: Very Tall
BUILD: Slender
Hair color: Aquamarine
Skin color: Brown

Mersedeh has hip-length wavy hair, with three large blue beads hanging from it. She wears a yellow scarf around her waist.



Mersedeh is a proud Val'Illhar'dro, and will act with viciousness when her clan's reputation and people are at stake. Despite her passion for defending the homeland, Mersedeh actually shies away from direct combat. Instead, she turns to sorcery.

She also regards foreigners at arm's length, even the dokkalfar's own allies. However, she respects their strength and their hard work in making this alliance work.

BACKGROUND (flavor):
Mersedeh is a female Val'Illhar'dro (great-great-granddaughter of Balsii) who decided to heed Queen Nega'fanea's call to arms against the Sarghress. She has volunteered to participate in the relic hunting initiated by Sharen allies. "How dare they spill their conflict over into MY beautiful city of peace!"

The young elf was born in a southern Illhar'dro colony, not far from the three great lakes that mark the land of Zharbi. Majority of her young life was spent traveling with her merchant mother between colony, the goblin city Hawe-beroe and the homeland of Nuqrah'shareh, where the girl picked up on various Illhar'dro tricks of the trade. When she completed her education in Nuqrah'shareh, Mersedeh decided for herself to adhere to the cultured lifestyle of Nuqrah over the frontier ways of her colony, in an attempt to fit in better with the city-born Illhar'dro Vals. The young dokkalfar began a career in modeling and promoting Balsii's initiatives, taking upon herself to learn her matriarch's warlike-ways.

She participated in the civil war and admitted defeat along with her sisters and cousins. Once a staunch supporter to her matriarch, upon hearing that Balsii took favors from foreign agents, Mersedeh's faith in her family's solidarity began to crack. Mersedeh doesn't particularly like Nega'fanea's brand of leadership, but since Matriarch Balsii lost the coup... there is no choice. The Sharen have proven their worth and strength enough to convince her. The dokkalfar has issues with the demons infesting her allies... but Mersedeh is willing to deal with them if it means slaughtering the brutes who led her people to war with themselves.

So far, the surface-born elf is enjoying the benefits of the Sharen allying with the Nuqrah'sharian clans.