Name:Eldri'caldeyi D'rak Tei'kaliath
Class:Mana Specialist
RACE: Tei'kaliath
AGE: 101
HEIGHT: Average
BUILD: Slender / Athletic
EYE COLOR: green
HAIR: short trimmed gray - white hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, which flares out wildly toward the tips.
DETAILS: Eldri'caldeyi's hands are heavily calloused, owing to years of working construction as an architect and as a crafter before that. Otherwise, his complexion is remarkably clean. Out of habit, he has taken to wearing a faded purple kerchief about his neck in order to wipe sweat from his face.


PERSONALITY NOTES: A cause is at the heart of his soul, and that cause gives him joy. He seeks to be the center of attention, and with word and action, he seeks to make himself noteworthy. His strength is his passion: in the pursuit of attention and his chosen cause, he will push beyond the limits that would stymie others, seeking powerful forms of self-expression. He truly enjoys and cares about his work, and he seeks to inspire others as well.

His weakness is his flamboyance. In order to get others to notice him, he'll take unnecessary risks, do stupid things and generally make a fool of himself. He will need to learn to tone it down and let people accept him for what he is.

Eldri has been largely successful in making his mark on the world. The city of Ama'varde had felt his hands, either in work or in overseeing, throughout its construction, and is a source of immense pride. In the years since, however, he grew bored as the lack of construction projects became chronic. Considering his options, he opted for a life of adventure, throwing himself toward the Nal'sarkoth.