Class:Weapon Specialist
RACE: Drowussu
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Average
BUILD: Slender
EYE COLOR: Darkish orange
HAIR: Copperish brown; held up in twin loop braids with short bangs.
DETAILS: Has an X shaped scar on her back between her shoulder blades and wears a hair band with tear drop gem (seen here: [not sure what it's called though]).

MANA SPECIALTY: Basic Mana Manipulation

PERSONALITY NOTES: Often has a soft smile when she's happy and a neutral expression when she's feeling sad; talks and acts like a gentle person, but often offers some wisdom and peacemaking arrangements, but mostly with arguments. Baerae doesn't yell or get angry as she prefers the peaceful approach rather than violence.

Background: For as long as she could remember, Baerae was often asked many questions. 'Where do you come from?', 'Who is your family?', 'Where is your mate?', and so on... All she would do was smile sadly and say "... I don't know.". For some time, she has been unable to remember anything about her past save for her name and that her whole family- including her mate- were dead. Being part of a clan, Baerae hoped to find answers, occasionally remembering her past.
From what she has gathered since becoming a hunter, Baerae remembers being a commoner, living happily with her mate and their children, and then... she remembers something about a war and running from something... although she isn't quite sure what exactly it is; all that she knows is that both that and the war is how she lost her family. Hopefully, being part of a group will help her focus on what's important.