Class:Mana Specialist
Name: Sharorvir
Race: Drowussu
Gender: Male
Height: Slightly Below Average
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: He has just above his shoulders Brown hair that is messy and spiky all the time.
Weapon Specialty: Iron Quarterstaff
Mana Specialty: Empthy Healer

Personality Notes:

Appearance: Sharorvir looks like a young drowusuu despite his age. His cloths are slightly worn from all his exploring old ruins. He walks around with a book in his hands all the time where he sketches old ruins, draws basics maps, and takes notes of things that interest him.

Personality: He is a quiet traveling healer who doesn't argue much with anyone. He listens to all those who are around them and ends up being the one who others confide in. He seems to be serious all the time, but can take jokes well. He is fascinated by ruins and languages and studies them all the time. When he comes across a new language he is determined to learn it. He usually has a book in his hands studying, but is able to pay attention to what is going on around him.

Combat/Tactics: Skilled with an iron quarterstaff which he practices everyday. He watches things around him and always takes notes of what he sees. He pays attention to details and uses that information to avoid battles or turn a fight to his advantage.

History: He grew up in a city near the city archives. He spends the majority of his youth studying from books, and learning about the past, languages, and healing. He was always alone as he studied and talked very little as a child. He studied from a local healer as his apprentice. After he became proficient at healing, he was asked to joins a group of to explore an uncharted island. As he traveled he used his knowledge of the past to explore the ruins found on the island.