Class:Weapon Specialist
Name: Khale'ndroth Bahn'liir
Race: Drowolath
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Height: Tall
Build: Slender, but with just enough muscle to wield a hammer.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark green, simple bowl cut.
Details: Wears crystal glasses specially made for his extremely poor vision. Keeps a journal on his person that he scribbles notes in constantly.

Weapon: 1H Hammer
Mana Specialty: Basic Mana Manipulation

UPDATED History: Khale is a true mentalist. He grew up surrounded by knowledge, books and masters of various crafts. He was taught early on that all actions have consequences and was raised with the mentality that he should never act rashly. Unfortunately he never quite learned that lesson fully until a botched gambit against a rival Sharen squad cost him his right leg. On that day he fully understood that it was his own fault for acting in haste and not thinking his options through enough. And in true irony it was his and his squad's smart thinking that saved his life as they cauterized the wound with a blazing fire and continued the mission. Khale made a vow then and there to never act in haste if it could be helped. He now treasures his new golem leg as a reminder that thoughtful actions prove fruitful, whilst hasty ones prove costly.

Also, sometimes Khale uses his leg to store a quick shot of chocolate liquor for special occasions. Maybe not the most well seasoned of drinks but it's always extra dark.