Class:Mana Specialist
Race: Drowolath
Hair: Short bangs, unruly, covered with uneven red at tips
Eyes: Purple
Age: 55
Height: 6'4"
Build: Slender
Gender: Female
Main weapon specialisation: Sword
Main mana specialisation: Basic Mana Manipulation
Secondary mana specialisation: Fire

Su'dion is one of the many daughter of a succesfull mercenary captain. Being utterly spoiled in her youth made her brash, quick to change her mind and mood, multiple times per minute and lacking any patience at all, much like her element, fire. She is brave, but mostly because she doesn't even consider dangers.

Following her older (now deceased Fen Wolf) Gi'dion footsteps, she fills the spot with laughter and cheerfullness, always looking forward toward the next adventure or surprise.

She is easy to anger and quick to forgive, openly voicing agreement, disagreements and likes and dislikes, making her a fairly easy character to get along with. She also doesn't understand the concept of 'personal space' or 'dress code', except when it comes to armour, because that just makes sense.