Class:Weapon Specialist
Height:Medium height
Build: Sleder but well built body
Hair: long hair mixed with green and red
Specialization: Two handed broad sword
Gender: Male
Eye color: Green
Age: 43

Nature: Kind, friendly, trust worthy, funny, aggressive(when the stitution is violent), loyal.

Likes: Cake!!, games, combat sports, stong women, nagas, driders, and adventure.

Dislikes: Corruption, murder, cheating, dragons, and puppets.

Jak was born as an orphan on the streets of Machike were he was left to fend for himself. It was intill a master swordwomen adopted him and took him to the Sarghress Fortress. Once there Jak was trained under the swordwomen under all arts and forms. Once Jak was older, he encounter the Sarghress Highland raiders and was entranced in their tales of riches and adventures while relic hunting. Once Jak's training was complete, he decided to become one of the famed Sarghress relic hunters.

When Jak was training with his mother/master, Jak grew to admire her in every way. Jak's New mother taught him loyalty and honor of the sword. When he Jak was young he dislike being weak so he trained with his new mother intill he could barely stand from exhaustion.