Class:Weapon Specialist
Race: Drowossu
Build: Lean and muscled
Hair: Dyed blue with green streaks, bound into a braid down to his shoulder blades and short bangs.
Eyes: Honey-brown
Gender: Male
Expression: Stern
Miscellaneous: Tattoo of a rose bush on his shoulder, with one red, one black, and on white rose.
Specialty: Halberd (2H)
Mana Spec: Basic mana manipulation only

Bio: A former retainer to a wealthy merchant house, Sil'dar was a bodyguard/soldier for one of the merchants in question, who tried to reach for too much too soon in her business dealings. Her competition tried to have her removed, and Sil'dar found himself with his hands full trying to fend off would-be assassins. Unfortunately for him, one of the assassins turned out to be the merchant's elder sister, and framed Sil'dar for his mistress' murder. He was forced to run afterwards, and wound up at the Nal'Sarkoth's doorstep. Since then, he's tried to distance himself from his former occupation by taking up the job of explorer, in hopes that travel would further take his feet away from the crime that he had been blamed for.

Amongst friends Sil'dar is relatively talkative, though a bit close-lipped about his own past. He prefers to be picky about his friends though, and is always watching over his shoulder. This has less to do with being framed as much as it does with his experiences dealing with assassins and would-be theives.

His combat style uses a lot of sweeping blows and quick jabs with either the spear point at the top of his halberd or the butt end of it, usually aiming for legs or arms in an attempt to disable his opponent before finishing them off.