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Chapter 02 page '025' of Mon, 14 November, 2005


The cleansing of the drow race has begun
Daymon Katryl : News and Such
News of 20 06 2006 : Hello
I wonder how many people actually scroll down to read the blog portion. That is, among the few people that actually come to this page since I completed the story last November. Heh. And you know, in the last 6+ months, I have enjoyed not having any deadlines. Well, beyond the work related ones. Meh, at least I get paid for meeting those.

Anyhow, I was curious to see if this thing still worked or not. Guess it does. Since it apparently does, I'll take this opportunity to say that I bought a house yesterday. Yay me! It's a little over 2500 sqft, and when you factor in the mortgage, property taxes, and hazard insurances, I will only be paying about $150-200 more a month than I am currently paying for a 960 sqft apartment. So, sure, it looks great on paper.

But now I have to mow the grass!!! Life's so unfair.


News of 15 11 2005 : Page 25
Done. The shackles are no more. Hah. HAH! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FREE!!!!

Now I can experiment with various styles and tutorials and whatnot without the ever present monkey on my back.

I may do another final page, similar to Spiderborn and High Treason, to direct new readers to the first page, dunno. The last page saying "The End" should be self-explanatory to a new reader. ;)

Anyways, Rebirth is now complete. Hope you enjoyed.

News of 14 11 2005 : Almost Done...
...with page 25... AND Rebirth as a whole. Started late and allowed numerous distractions to... uhm... distract me, plus I am trying to put a little extra effort into this page, since it will be the last one, concluding this little story.

Should have it up and finished tonight my time (I still have 7 hours of work to go before I can get home and continue work on it).

Back to the salt mines...

News of 30 10 2005 : Page 24
Here it is. And on time, no less. (Mainly because I like my nookie, and don't want to lose it! :P)

Same technique as the last 8 pages or whatever. This page shows Shimi almost blurt out something, but recovers in time to draw the little Mridu under her matronly wing. Shorter page overall panel-wise, but that was mainly due to the pacing of the script. The next page will be extra-super-ultra long for a Rebirth page, as can be seen in the preview image. But more importantly...

...the next page is the final page of Rebirth. w00t!!!

I'll try to have it up next Sunday, but given that next Sunday is my b-day, I may get bogged down doing this or that with family and stuff.


News of 23 10 2005 : Page 23
As I really didn't want to go without nookie, here is page 23, as promised.

Well, for those that were proposing that the militant Warden Ky'varde was in fact Red-Chiri, it looks like you will be disappointed. Red-Chiri, after being turned into Cajun-Chiri, died, and Ky'varde was simply a young girl that never had daddy buy her a pony, so now she is acting out on those hostile feelings through butchering all the little Vloz she runs across.


Hopefully I will have page 24 up in a week.


News of 17 10 2005 : Wallpaper
Okay, I am done with the birthday present for my girlfriend, of which a smaller resolution sample is shown off in my 'Random' gallery.
Now... to get back to Rebirth pages. Expect page 23 next Sunday. If I am late, short of my computer exploding and taking me with it... umm... I'll... hrm... I be cut off from sex until I update! (How's that for an incentive?)


News of 5 10 2005 : I'm not dead... really...
A lot of time has passed since the last update, I know, but frankly, I've had a lot on my plate the last month. Moved my girlfriend in with me, had an out of town business trip for a week, and just enjoying the hell out of being with my girlfriend, and hurt my thumb again in jujitsu, so while I can type fine, holding a pencil/stylus was sore. But, yes, I need to finish Rebirth. 3 pages left. So... here is the plan.

Her birthday is coming up rather soon, and I want to do some art for her, so that is top priority. After that, Rebirth, Rebirth, and more Rebirth. Finish this damn thing at last. So, there, that is the plan...

...ahh, deadlines. They make such an enjoyable sound as they go whizzing past. ;)


News of 11 09 2005 : Page 23 Coming Soon...
Page 23 for Rebirth is expected to be up next Sunday. I was out of town last weekend, and this last week was spent mourning the loss of my bachelor-hood.

*pauses for a moment of silence*

And now that I am approximately 97.3% domesticated, I can return to Rebirth.

News of 28 08 2005 : Page 22
Oh-ho, HO! You probably thought "3 updates in a row, on time? Pfaw.. never happen. He'll be late." And to you, sirrah, I say, 'Suckas'. Here is the undeniable, incontrovertible proof, that I am, indeed, on time with the next page.

Well, there should be no question left to anyone that Mridi is Neo-Chiri. What I was trying to convey (And did a piss poor job of...) was the yellow roots that better matches the yellow-headed Chiri from Moonless. The only question remaining is did Cajun-Chiri become Ky'ovaerde. That will be answered in the next page or two.

Has to be soon, because Rebirth ends in 3 more pages. 3 more... and then I am FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Until my next project... *sighs*


News of 21 08 2005 : Page 21
And here is Page 21, on time, exactly one week from the last page. So everyone betting against me, looks like this is where I say, again, "Suckas..."

Page 20 and 21, for some reason, I just couldn't get into the lineart. Really struggled with doing it, like it just wouldn't flow out of me. Might have been the fact I did page 20 en route to Nigeria, and the next one while out there, and I was just pissy in general being there, dunno. Page 22-25 came out better lineart-wise, at least I feel.

At least coloring them wasn't really a chore. And that is even with the constant distractions. Not that I want them to stop. I will just suffer them stoically *big dramatic sigh*

Page 22 should be up in a week.


..or so they hope.
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