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High treason story is over and complete. It is also not part of Drowtales universe.
Chapter 01 page 'cover' of Sat, 1 February, 2003

Welcome to my lair
Kern : The artist speak
Laelia : The Thief Speaks
News of 6 02 2004 : The end
Due to hundred request of update, i feel it is now necessary to explain the situation. Especially since several people seem to think the artist, me, is responsible for the decision of continuing or not this story.

I am not responsible for this manga. It was written by Laelia, she paid me to draw it, and thus i drew it.
The job has ended. At first Laelia spoke of doing a second story but due to financiary trouble, she cannot afford it anymore. Don't ask me why,i don't know, i can't even contact her anymore. She seem to have quitted the MUD project as well and the story i wrote about Laelia was rejected.

Screaming for updates won't help, begging won't help either. the story is complete, you enjoyed, we enjoyed, that it. Now go read some webcomics who DO update. Moonless age, Desperates angels, Darkness rising, megatokyo, whatever.
I still advise to check here once every month , just in case.
I will continue working on my manga and for those hiring me for artworks/comic pages. So if you want to see my work, just go to the root of this site, http://www.drowtales.com
News of 9 10 2003 : Syntharin and Raven
Syntharin and Raven are my current AD&D characters, AD&D meaning "sort of AD&D with lots and lots of made up rules". They're a pair of wandering gypsies. Raven (the one with the lute) is a bard, and she spends most of her time either playing music or getting drunk. Syntharin, on the other hand, is a diviner and quite a bit more conservative, and until recently she was a member of the Order of the Crystal Serpant. She basically ran away to get away from the boring classroom life and to go adventuring with Raven. Syntharin hasn't quite learned how to have fun yet, but she's still a nice person... most of the time. Both girls are single, we'll see how long that lasts.
News of 30 09 2003 : Cheer up Laelia
News of 2 10 2003 : Awwwwwwww
Chibi-Laelia is so cute. A thanks to Kern for this picture. It really cheered me up
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