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Question: I lost my password or I modified it and something went wrong. How can I retrieve it?

Answer: Send me an e-mail kern@drowtales.com including your Paypal email address, and I will send your information within 48 hours.

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Answer: Login then select an option in the dropdown menu. The page will refresh and your vote will be logged.

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Answer: This is a common problem if you did an account upgrade or if you failed your payment once. Send me a e-mail kern@drowtales.com including your Paypal email adress, your login and you password. If possible, tell me the date of your latest payment; this may speed up my research. I will reactivate your account within 48 hours.

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Question: How can I be sure you won't overcharge me or force to remain a subscriber. You could steal my credit card!

Answer: Impossible. Paypal controls everything. I can't even bill you. I can't subscribe you. I can't even unsubscribe you. Everything is from Paypal's side and only you have access to it. It is 100% safe for you.

Question: I don't have Paypal, how can I subscribe?

Answer: By snail mail. Send 3 months worth of subscription minimum by mail. To get my address. Contact me by email: kern@drowtales.com

Question: Why should I pay for this dating game?

Answer: Drowtales is a free web site and we cannot work for free, using a pirated internet line, living in a box in the streets and eating trash. This section is meant to fund Drowtales. So you get extra naughty stuff and whatever else you might wanted to see in Drowtales but couldn't. In exchange we get our funding for our various projects, artists and I can work full time on the web site. Thank you.

Question: I don't care! Internet should be free, and you should work for free! All the artists here should get a freaking life and a real job!

Answer: Your mother is calling you for dinner kiddo, better hurry or she'll send you to bed without your daily sweets.