So much pink, so much frill

October 10, 2014 by

Livestream will be at 1h30 with Lunareth and Darkvolt. My artworks will be for Artsyshan followed by another concept art of chapter 47. By Lunareth for Lordpanther. Progress on cutysquiggoth big commission: Today’s challenge was “Breath of Fire” Mine’s Darkvolt’s (Who finished coloring it later. It took 2h30) Luna’s Mau’s Catriana who need to play […]

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Of Doormat and little bear

October 9, 2014 by

Today’s stabbing page has the highest facebook activity as of yet. Now that i finally can settle down with no interuption, i could make some commission progress. Starting with the first concept art: Luna did a Ninit concept art but was unhappy with the expression she tried to make. I contributed with a kissy face. […]

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October 8, 2014 by

Everyone is happy with the stabbing convention going in the main comic? That climax took a while to build up. Today,s challenge was selected by Darkvolt. “Egyptian gods” Luna’s Darkvolt’s Mau’s Bonus fat cat batman

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Water bending zombies

October 7, 2014 by

Zombie Ydna For Cutiesquiggoth who overfed us australian cookies. Today’s 20 minutes challenge was chosen by Mau. She wanted our characters in an Avatar setting. Mine is the intro: Luna the beerbender: Darkvolt the water bender: Mau also the water bender: Lots of water benders today.

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Sailor turtle

October 6, 2014 by

On sunday we left for a roadtrip that got interupted by a flat tire. By the time we came back from this it was already 2hPM on monday, instead of sunday 10hpm as planned. Couple that with the fact that our studio is being worked on by contractors on the outside, yet, right where my […]

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Saturday stream

October 4, 2014 by

Commission for Lordpanther but also featuring demon bast and mad seamstress Luna. The bath tube is the fat cat. Darkvolt finished the we are feral cover. It’s up on the site. Kelnoz x Waes for Bwoman by Mau. She didn’t had time to finish the daydream artwork unfortunately. I forget her name, but overseer lady […]

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Meeting one’s father

October 3, 2014 by

Tomorrow’s livestream is at noon up to 6hPM. First it’ll be the next sexy leader pinup which is Kharla. Followed by the first concept art for chapter 47! Who shall it be? I don’t know! :D… not yet anyway. Kyorls and Dutan’vir are first but Hfar doesn’t have a concept. Second is vloz’ress. So anyone […]

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Cutiesquiggoth second commission progress is of Nau’kheol as a husband in the owl clan. Many babies to take of. Here is the sketch. Starlitdragon continued the Sailormoon crossover theme with sailor wolf. Will there be another one to come? Might be, with that daily challenge, there,s bound to be someone who bring it up eventually. […]

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Epic Snadhya by Vergiliaux Tiny cute Kiel by Icecabbit Mega concept art of ultimate oh-shit-i-must-fix-her-head-it’s-too-big-nooo-she’s-looking-the-wrong-direction concept art, for Bast and Cat And today’s daily challenge. Today most beautiful of beautiful was Darkvolt. he chose “OC in Zelda outfits” Mine: Luna: Darkvolt: Mau: We might recruit more artist into our group with time. Catriana and Starlit […]

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mega hospital writing

September 30, 2014 by

I’ve an issue for several months that finally made me go to the hospital today. Well, if i’m stuck 3 hours in a lobby i’ve got to somehow make use of that time. That’s the nature of being an independent ; work need to be done. Turn up that, yes, an hospital lobby is a […]

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