Purrrge the unholy

December 18, 2014 by

Today we received some bad news that affected us enough to disrupt the work. The page for today is yet to be completed and i don’t think it could possibly be completed before midnight at this point. I’m sorry. It ought be all the more important that we don’t let our professional lives be affected […]

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Feral Chiri

December 17, 2014 by

Concept art for Acedraws. Not a cameo. Pretty keychain Ssu who happens to have a name too! Anahid, made to have hot steamy romance stories with Kahru, Madea’s templar. Those are by Lunareth. Who also did feral Chiri. The most uptight paladin kitty. Upon it’s shield is the diety emblem, the almighty fat cat.

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the rise of Cat

December 16, 2014 by

Catriana arrival to the studio is on friday. This mean a new face on the upcoming two livestream sessions. Or at least a new voice. Concept art for Gem76 is now complete. And Lunareth male Waesoloth was recovered, by Lunareth. If the previous chapter was the chapter of sound effects and arm jokes. Is this […]

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Saturday stream

December 13, 2014 by

This was a hectic livestream with random commissions, the great picarto chat apocalypse of 2014 and the B wars. Still in the end we had laughts and a lot got done. For Tsukiko. Feature the real Lunareth being fed by butler Taldrin. Fear the claw. B commission sketch. That got a massive party going on […]

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Zith on your face

December 11, 2014 by

New concept for Razorburn. Replacing the ch45 one. Pitdragon has been drawing the Vloz’ress crew she is part on while we await their appearance in the story. along with a concept art of her own. And OXymoron has done a Faen in her schoolwork. Naughty Faen with bare shoulders and neck!

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Holiday stream, Fame

December 10, 2014 by

On the 27th december there will be a special holiday stream sponsored by Lordpanther. Where random things will happen , and likely requests will be made. All 3 of us, darkvolt, Lunareth and I will be putting aside commissions that day to do whatever crazy events Lordpanther cook up for the audience entertainement. No dual […]

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Propaganda gangster

December 9, 2014 by

Almost finished a concept art today . I’ll try to wrap both unfinished ones tuesday. But for now, some amazing , well, amazing is relative , let’s say amazingly wrong in the case of the first one! It is an edit of Zala meet Quain’s page by Laerei. A lot of efforts was put into […]

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Saturday stream

December 6, 2014 by

Last of the sexy leader serie , Nalsarkoth, for Lordpanther who made a post with all of them together on tumblr. Concept in progress for Gem76 Giveaway for Alric. The child of his character Turgeis with Die’tra. Giveaway for Dakla. Tsundere Quain? Or Ariel trying her best to pass for Quain? CutieSquiggoth giveaway by Darkvolt. […]

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Where does the time go.

December 5, 2014 by

Even less to show today unfortunately. Hopefully, it’s livestream time so let’s do some long overdue commissions. Andrew’s Daydream remake page could use a lineart. Miburo concept has yet to be completed. Gem has been waiting since september for a commission. In short i’m sure we can keep tomorrow quite busy. Note that the stream […]

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Faen lips

December 4, 2014 by

No commission progress to show today. This fancy 4k screen made my computer crash twice today. Note that my work computer is not the kind to have that type of crash. At the best of my memory, this is a first. Turning off the 4k allowed me to wrap up the work day, however a […]

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