Cameo call 55-56

November 3, 2018 by

You can join us on the livestream from 2Pm to 6PM east on saturday to ask any questions. The corruption goes deep The coalition of colonies that took the ship and brought the fight to Felde has surrendered. They are brought to a Chel they no longer recognize. There, a few still try to keep […]

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November 3, 2018 by

Cameo later today! For now, Lordpanther’s next magical girl page is in progress. One more commission in progress i must finish ASAP. Kite did an adorable BOO love card Stream giveaway for Magicskyshark of Diva And my color take on Kunryu’s owlcat.

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Cameo announcement

November 1, 2018 by

Our upcoming story will be open for your characters to be submitted on the 3rd november. One of the last two such cameo calls left! You can follow it live on our picarto multichannel this saturday 2pm east: Or come here this weekend! Also Skorch’s character commission. Not sure if it is an Elezen […]

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Dressing up for halloween

October 30, 2018 by

Commission for Lordpanther of Shinae as a crazy killing ghost. The cameo announcement artwork is also fully inked, kite will color it on tuesday then it’ll be live everywhere. Giveaway from Kite to a FF14 player. The 15 minute art challenge was one of your character dressing up for halloween: Adira Artisticjaz Basileus Code Copperpheonix […]

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Mook 43 Kusette

October 27, 2018 by

Made some progress on Nie’s private NSFW commission. But also: Super crown special for daydream is up for selection. Which character gets it depends on your votes Skorch FF14 scythe wielding character compositions are ready for selection And Kusette for Thrair. The mook from the boat get her concept art. Been trying to find an […]

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RWBY Blake in pygama

October 26, 2018 by

An unusual commission for Lordpanther! One where Kite chose to color my lines. I know, the comic is all about kite coloring my lines but here its a commission, its a chibi and its something she can do her usual polish which she can’t afford to do normally on a comic page.

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cameo day

October 25, 2018 by

With the current workload i’m considering pushing the next cameo call day from the 27th to the 3nd november. I haven’t had time to prepare the cameo call and there’s much to do. Plus the chapter doesn’t end before the 3nd so its okay. how many pages are left? Not much but since we only […]

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October 24, 2018 by

Gotta draw, got to break out of that anxiety taking me when i try to muster the energy to draw something other than work! Here is paolumu monstergified. From monster hunters world

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Pumpkin and ginger

October 21, 2018 by

NSFW commission for Farex, a B&W page of his cameo’s end. Today’s 15 minute art challenge was turning ginger or pumpkin into a character: basileus: Copperpheonix: Dy enferen Gojikins Kite Mizumomo Nak Sygdom Tranquil Tsukiko Wife: Giveaways For Goji Goji to copperpheonix Tranquil to Swedish Tranquil To Wife: Kite to Enf:

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A pile of late things

October 18, 2018 by

Sorry for the lack of news updates, i’ve been exhausted the last few days. Kind of having difficulty keeping track of the schedule at the moment. Commission for Durlyn and basileus complete. of their candy raiders! And nope Smokehammer its Sang Kopperkul bowl that kite had begun a while ago and now finished. Commission for […]

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