June 20, 2018 by

Darkvolt posted this simple inten expression that i felt like tossing Kiel in saying Kuso in japanese characters. All because i thought the “fu fu fu” on inten side was actually japanese characters. and a Garuda picture in progress. Not a commission either! But my roster is picking up again with 4 commissions pending.

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bird people

June 17, 2018 by

Commission for Lordpanther where Faen had to have her breathing animated. Turn up it needed more but the painted model wasn’t built for that so, yeah, look unfinished. Still, practice make perfect, the next one will look better. I wish i could upload the much more optimize video version to daydream instead of the GIF, […]

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Games of the year 2017

June 16, 2018 by

its done at last! I drew this back in january and then with all the commissions and concept to do i’ve proscrinated and pushed it aside. It is a ton of work but yeah, finally, 6 months later! All of these games are great and worth playing, i wouldn’t put a rank on them. Cuphead […]

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June 14, 2018 by

Bad news is that Kite health is not getting better. She’ll need to talk to a doctor during her usual thursday visit at the hospital because this is getting worrysome. Its why this week first page came very late. The next chapter does look more and more like it’s just be me for a while. […]

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Cute dragon

June 12, 2018 by

They’re all in at last! now to render them all. But most importantly, more cute from Kite: Farex’s giveaway animated.

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Surprise cake

June 10, 2018 by

Impressive Chiri animation by Kite. She spent the whole week tweaking this to make it look 3d by using a lot of liquify tricks. Commission for Beanie and Kaya, very much NSFW. This leaves me 2 commission to tackle, both NSFW. The 15 minutes art challenge was “Surprise cake” Adira: Basileus Beanie Darkvolt Enferen Gojikins […]

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June 9, 2018 by

For Ssapdra’s birthday. A pillar of the community and artist friend. This is her character Tash from relic hunters , likely to be cameo in the next chapter.

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Beaten but not defeated

June 8, 2018 by

3 new adorable emote for the discord by Kite. Bruised up Chiri after a beating.

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2017 is back

June 7, 2018 by

Kite is nearly done with an animation on which she used new techniques, looks very good! hopefully she share soon. I’ve went back on the january’s artwork of games of 2017.5 months without working on it! In there is Alloy, Samus and 2b that were just as sketch before. Also ssapdra’s birthday present in the […]

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Magical snaek

June 5, 2018 by

Commission of Farex’s jaaldarya all polished by Kite’s magical coloring. And the commission for Lordpanther of his naga caretaker now made magical girl. Still holding an egg though! Priorities and all that. Down to 3 commission, all of them NSFW.

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