Too sleepy to think

December 15, 2017 by

Thankfully others have done things! Epic Quain from Sygdom! Thank you! And low budget cosplay from Nori. Still took me by surprise!

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teikaliath miner

December 13, 2017 by

Concept art for Maiq is now complete. I’ll do Ratatoskr this friday. Since the concept art got finished 15 minutes before the end of the stream i’ve run a week day giveaway , which adira won. Had to fit in a dildo wand somehow. And the other commission in progress is a FF14 one, for […]

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December 11, 2017 by

Kite commission in progress. not a cat girl, a fox girl. I can’t tell the difference :D Two concept art in progress, one for Ltanders and one for Ratatoskr

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December 10, 2017 by

Swedish Kitsune lewd commission is up on daydream. Ash x Saga Today’s 15 minutes art challenge was “Oni”: Adira: Basileus: Cortez Darkvolt: Gojikin: Kite Luu: Maiq: Mizumomo: Nori: Soulcode: Toast: Tranquil: Vestahound: Giveaways Mine wasn’t really a giveaway, more a belated birthday gift for Tranquil: darkvolt to Sekhriat Goji to Vesta Maiq to Cortez Soulcode […]

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December 9, 2017 by

Unfortunately after 6 months without any , migraine have returned to strike once more. Soon after i left eltharrion’s group up the light at my computer began to hurt until yes , vision became blurry indicating the incoming migraine. An evening of work was lost. Thankfully, this got done on stream regardless. I wanted a […]

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Darkest dungeon Quain

December 8, 2017 by

A drawing for the fun of it? Imposible! at least in the last few months. Mrartist, sygdom and i did a little darkest dungeon style challenge. Plus today was my darkest dungeon stream on twitch which i must say is growing on me. Its hard to explain, its like twitch suddenly “make sense”. There’s more […]

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Big eye man

December 7, 2017 by

Another one bite the dust! This one for Moatl, leaving me with Slyand’iss raai’chinno’s dad Arra’toskr Maiq To do for the wolf’s pack faction. By the time i’m done with those i’ll also be done with the current chapter as i’m on page 13 right now of a 20 pages chapter. Just in time i […]

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Concept art for Gem leaving Koana for wednesday. After that there is 4 more wolf pack cameo before i move to do the legion. Hopefully i can start on them before the holiday break. Speaking of holiday, kite drew this FF theme holiday pic.

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December 3, 2017 by

BEHOLD THE RESULT OF THE 2ND DECEMBER ART JAM : CHARACTER EXPRESSIONS: … with extra CAP! Starting with a vast array of expression of Chiri Giveaway for Adira turned into challenge piece Mau brought it to a whole new level again by bringing body language into this: Adira (So silly… that Chiri face is killing […]

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Slave to servant

December 2, 2017 by

Art jam on picarto this saturday! With as topic :Facial expressions Freed slave concept art for Farex And Nori reminded us of her prediction made a year ago of Shan and Chiri’s baby. Things will get on fire.

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