The voting poll will end tonight, to be replaced by another one. so time to post the result: A clear majority saw a positive effect. But then, there is still 11 people who want more. Quite demanding :p I wonder if we’d still get such votes when we’ll reach 7 updates a week? Kite jokes […]

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If the game project i mentioned is ever going to happen, we will need a flash programmer. Drowtales may not be able to fund such project right now, but i hope later this summer we shall be able to. Sometime there is needs for flash programming with the web site or with promotional banners. So […]

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The projects

May 19, 2007 by

Here some informations about coming and/or possible projects. -Remake of chapter 4-9 : I’m finishing the arts of chapter 3 this tuesday. Henceforth i’ll be tackling the scripts for chapter 4 and 5 remake. It is needed asap because 3 artists are waiting for the material to begin their work. While this is a danger […]

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The team

May 16, 2007 by

Some readers seem to be lost about our current team. So here it is: Writer and penciler : me inker: Bandit Flat colorist: Tranquil Characters/effects colorist : Kite Background colorist: Chim Now for the other staffs that are not working on the main project Editor(grammer fixing): Suntiger Sysadmin : Nekomartin Daydream archive 1 : Blackmyst […]

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May 14, 2007 by

Welcome the new member of the team : Bandit. She is the inker that is now working on Moonless age and she does a good work so far. With her help, it will reduce the workload from my right hand and permit to update faster. Her first page was posted today : Chapter 3 page […]

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May 11, 2007 by

Thought I would share these. :) You can always find these things in the Media section, though I haven’t listed these there yet. The first one was done by Starlitdragon, a Chapter 2 cover turned into a wallpaper. The rest are various panels that appeared in chapter 3. edit: corrected Snadhya’runes name. ;)

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Big changes coming

May 10, 2007 by

The counter turned 7 million just before midnight, that one change. If that continue, we’ll get in 2 months what took us 6 year to get. We also reached a new record, 220673 unique visitor in one day. Monday the 7th may 2007. I don’t except us to beat that kind of traffic anytime soon. […]

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May 7, 2007 by

Kern and I just did our first DDR session after 6 months of laziness, last night– Kern did well as usual, but I sucked badly! I’m out of practice, really. We will be doing our regular DDR and daily exercise sessions again to lose the weight we gained over the winter, and get back into […]

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… Is currently offline, sadly. To our great regret, the new server changes can no longer support its old coding. The creator has stopped supporting this code for quite some time now, so any hopes of upgrading it and retaining the member information is no longer a possibility. I find this very sad, personally. I […]

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Save Internet Radio

May 3, 2007 by

One of the many things Kern and I share a passion of is music. We like much of the same songs and genres (in fact, he introduced me to metal), and spend half of our day listening to whatever he’s playing on his computer. You could almost say that each Moonless Age page was constructed […]

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