The only illharess without an official design yet. So even though she does not appear in the upcoming prologue nor the remake of chapter 4, i had to make a concept arts for her.

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Because fanarts are good

June 10, 2007 by

Here another mini story by Nagimalice : She also did that one recently:

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Medea msn mini story

June 8, 2007 by

I came back to my computer this evening to find this crazy story in my msn! Medea msn doodle masterpiece: Apparently this is me, when a programmer fail at his job:

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June plan and delegation

June 1, 2007 by

When my arm got messed up, it forced me to consider delegating more responsabilities to other people. It took 2 month of work to get things started and i think June will be the first month in which the results will start to be very visible.(beside the fact that we’re already updating 5 pages a […]

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Art, stuff.

May 28, 2007 by

It’s been a while since I posted some art, so here goes! Sometimes I doodle quick stuff while coloring pages… I suppose this next one won’t make sense until the next page. :b Silly Kelnoz! Trying to steal Faen’s cute happy tactic… Here’s some other various artwork. Kern drew me chibis of my two sibling […]

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The voting poll will end tonight, to be replaced by another one. so time to post the result: A clear majority saw a positive effect. But then, there is still 11 people who want more. Quite demanding :p I wonder if we’d still get such votes when we’ll reach 7 updates a week? Kite jokes […]

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If the game project i mentioned is ever going to happen, we will need a flash programmer. Drowtales may not be able to fund such project right now, but i hope later this summer we shall be able to. Sometime there is needs for flash programming with the web site or with promotional banners. So […]

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The projects

May 19, 2007 by

Here some informations about coming and/or possible projects. -Remake of chapter 4-9 : I’m finishing the arts of chapter 3 this tuesday. Henceforth i’ll be tackling the scripts for chapter 4 and 5 remake. It is needed asap because 3 artists are waiting for the material to begin their work. While this is a danger […]

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The team

May 16, 2007 by

Some readers seem to be lost about our current team. So here it is: Writer and penciler : me inker: Bandit Flat colorist: Tranquil Characters/effects colorist : Kite Background colorist: Chim Now for the other staffs that are not working on the main project Editor(grammer fixing): Suntiger Sysadmin : Nekomartin Daydream archive 1 : Blackmyst […]

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May 14, 2007 by

Welcome the new member of the team : Bandit. She is the inker that is now working on Moonless age and she does a good work so far. With her help, it will reduce the workload from my right hand and permit to update faster. Her first page was posted today : Chapter 3 page […]

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