Golem and fluff

May 4, 2017 by

Concept art for Wietse which leave only the two for Durlyn. Durlyn, why did you sent me wall of text for description? So cruel. Kite animated our little Chi for the twitch channel’s cheers. Which is basicly when people throw mini donation in the form of bits. Chi come out, call out the bits as […]

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Concept resume

May 3, 2017 by

No progress on writing today, the best i could do is make progress on the cover work. Concept art for Abyrae for this little thing full of energy. Now that i know who shows up first it make things easier to determine whose concept art get done first. Stream giveaway for Varzil. Angry japanese shouting! […]

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Chapter 52 writing

May 2, 2017 by

No art from me today for it was writing day for chapter 52. Likely I’ll need a second half day of work to dedicate in order to complete it though with the current workload it may be a challenge to find that time. When lacking time, create it! So i’ll be asking for Kite to […]

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Art jam : Switching style

April 29, 2017 by

B cosplayed WAES!!!! Thanks for coming to today’s jam! 67 artworks got drawn through 5 randomly selected art style. Borderlands style: Adira: Darkvolt: Gojkins: kite: Macabre: Petite: Ssapdra: Tallsharis: Vergil: Xenoanubis: Sailormoon style: Adira: Beanie: Celestial: darkvolt: Gojikin: Kite: Macabre: Petite: Ssapdra: Tallsharis: Tranquil: Xenoanubis: Studio ghibli style: Adira: Celestial: Darkvolt: Gojikin: Kite: Macabre: Mau: […]

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Chapter 51 complete

April 28, 2017 by

Alright this week update schedule is a mess. lets try to do aim for something more steady next week. And btw, i’m curently drawing the last page of the chapter. Yes it’s already over. Monday i get on chapter 52 and face the problem that not all defenders have concept arts yet. A dice rolling […]

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April 27, 2017 by

Yup, late pages. Kite is still coloring the next one and since the last one before that was also late that’ll lead us to miss an update this week… Concept art for Navian. And today’s was Darkvolt’s birthday. So we spoiled him on stream with his fluff: At the end of the stream with did […]

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Too many chibi

April 26, 2017 by

This saturday is the next art jam! If you’re planning to join us drop by our discord! Giveaway from saturday for Thrair by Kite. This is the exemple of why we’re going to reduce the giveaways to saturday only for a while as this chibi? 2 hours. Kite can end up doing giveaways all week […]

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saturday stream

April 22, 2017 by

Shinae as empress, a commission for Lordpanther which kite colored because my shading looked like shit XD. Thanks kite, you saved my butt. Today’s challenge is “Clan leader as TMNT” Kite: Basileus: Lunareth: Macabre: Soulcode: Ssapdra: Tallsharis: Xenoanubis: Giveaways: For Beanie: For Vlash: For Thrair: Thrair was mean and named octobear “poopy baby” thus he […]

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Long hair

April 22, 2017 by

Saturday stream will be with Lunareth. Fourth streamer is undetermined at the moment. The stream will end on a session of Use your words with anyone who wish to participate. Kite’s take on Zuhur for cortez. Look at him, tiny blinking sharen prince for a Dutanvir princess to capture. Concept art for Guilty is complete. […]

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So much chocolate!

April 21, 2017 by

The first update of daydream extra archive by Mau is up and it’s an entire page no less! Finally “drow in the rain” is made a thing. Thank you Swedishkitsune for the chocolate care package! you’re awesome. And here i thought you were going to pull a prank and send us fermented fish can ! […]

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