simon belmont

August 17, 2018 by

Adorable cat in boxes, one kite did for herself and another as a gift. And when i requested ideas of which character to draw last time, vivi and Simon belmont were suggested. Well here is the second one Unfortunately that one is poopy . Didn’t quite work out with the idea of keeping the shadow […]

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Fluff ball

August 16, 2018 by

naga concept art for lordpanther. The brother of the sister posted earlier this week, a much more shy child. Quite a few of us in the community fell back in monster hunters now that its out on pc. it led kite to make more animation out of her paolomu rig!

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August 15, 2018 by

Vivi from ff9, suggested from Sygdom. Just wanted to do a quick paint to get out of my art slump of the day. and kite did a twitter icon out of her fat cat picture:

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Naga cook

August 14, 2018 by

Lordpanther’s commission concept art is complete with a new layout to hopefully use for the upcoming cameo call. This is the daughter of Xytin. Coming next is the son. Also had to help kite with her commission for Lordpanther. The commission detail can be summarized to “Crazy cat lady Ariel” that’s it. So, behold the […]

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August 11, 2018 by

commission for Metzger of his character’s wedding, inspired by Chiri’s wedding.

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discord emotes

August 8, 2018 by

We may have gone a bit crazy on making discord emotes today: With a tiny bit of progress on metzger’s commission: Thursday we’ll be doing a 6 hours drive to bring kite’s family back to their departing train station. With that kind of drive i already know i won’t be wanting to stream that way […]

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Tongue wedding in progress

August 7, 2018 by

Metzger commission in progress. And apparently Mary says i’m a cookie zombie to be trapped by her and Kite. Little does she know Kite already captured me ages ago and thats why i’m fat.

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August 5, 2018 by

Magical girl chiri chan sponsored by Lordpanther is up! And some progress for Metzger commission but i think i’ll redraw a lot of it. Some proportions… CHiri and Shan by Mau. A commission of the ff14 cat version of our characters to cheer up Kite. We haven’t played the game for weeks but we still […]

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lizard has an eye on you

August 4, 2018 by

We live. Its just that with having guests that reduce available extra work time, the daydream page commission unfinished and my last commission being set to private, i had nothing to post! But here is something: Beanie’s lizard sniper girl. And a commission for VierranV of the twitch kappa emote as a ff14 miqote. On […]

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Late saturday stream

July 30, 2018 by

Chrys commission for Lordpanther Cats emote commission for VierranV, one of which is on our server as Kite went crazy and made so many more than one. The 15 minutes art challenge was Salad Basileus: Beanie: Darkvolt: Gojikins: Kite: Maikdelta : Ssapdra: Sygdom: Titandarwin: Tranquil: Xenoanubis: giveaway : For ptitbaff: Adira to Tranquil: Darkvolt to […]

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