Yan ‘Kern‘ Gagne – Founder of Drowtales (2001)

Artist, author, programmer, and administrator; Yan has maintained everything from the manga’s creation to publishing on the web site for years until it became too much for a single person to handle. Now he manages all the human and technical resources of the studio he founded.  He is the author, creator, and penciller of Moonless Age and scripts many of the stories found throughout the site’s interactive comics.

Mary ‘Kite‘ Garren – Colorist of Moonless Age (2005)

Officially joining the studio in 2005 as the colorist for Moonless Age, Mary has since gone from one page per month to two pages a day, a crucial member of the main production team that allows the studio to maintain a seven-day-a-week update, in addition to providing several omake pages for comic relief between chapters.

Contact information:

Email Kern if you need help with your subscriptions or general inquiry about the site.
Email Nekomartin, the system administrator, if you face a technical problem with the server.

Production team for Moonless Age (as of July 31st, 2010)

Kern – Author and Penciller

Kite – Colorist, secondary BG artist

Starlitdragon – Primary BG artist, copy editor

Darkvolt – Inker

Tranquil – Flat colorist

Bandit – Colorist (Vaelia’s Path)

Web site maintenance:

Martin matthews – Servers administrator

Valts Sondors – Programmer

Ben Winkeler – programmer

Thalar – Community manager, assistant writer

Madea- Assistant writer

Thomas Angven – Assistant editor

Current subscription artists:

Donny – Daydream, Relic hunters

Reza Aribuwana –  Path to power, Moonless age extra arcs

Felix Novara – Daydream

Nick – Daydream

Shi-peng Li – daydream

James Mackay – Daydream


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